I knew it had to happen some time. In fact, I am surprised that it hadn't happened before today. Z came home from school today with a report of misconduct from her teacher. It seems that my delicate flower was hitting and pushing the other kiddos in her class, then mouthed off to her teacher, Ms. C, when she was called on it. Turns out that Z has been sassy a number of times, but Ms. C had let it slide.

I knew there was danger of this. Her teacher last year was wonderful, but very young. She was way too impressed with how smart Z is. (What parent doesn't love to hear that their kid is smart? In my former life teaching the talented and gifted program in Ginormousville, all the parents loved me because I told them that their babies were smart.) Anyway, she regarded Z as a teacher's aide, and Z came to see herself that way, too. (Catty side note: Z really is smarter than last year's classmates. I swear some of them are still speaking in little more than grunts.) Now that all of the kids are a little older and smarter, they don't really want to let Z be in charge all of the time. And, surprise! neither does Ms. C. I can see how this might be confusing/frustrating for Z, but she is just going to have to get over it.

I had to go a little old school on her. When I was in school, if you got in trouble at school, you got in even bigger trouble at home. So that was what I did, minus the beating*. Usually when Z gets home from school, she gets a treat and watches a little Dora and Diego before heading off for her nap. She was quite shocked when she did not pass go, did not collect $200 and went straight to jail. She had to stay in for longer than usual, too. Z hates being denied an audience, so this was the best (worst?) consequence I could come up with.

She was appropriately contrite when she emerged hours later. She promised to be nice for ever and ever. And I believe she was sincere. You know, until the next time.

*I was never beaten. I was just exaggerating for effect. Spanked? You bet.

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