Weekly Weigh In

I lost another 1.1 pounds this week. Huzzah! With the no exercise in cahoots with the evil cobbler, I had little hope for a downward trend. On the other hand, the new guy teaching my water aerobics class (don't laugh! I am part fish and swimming is the only exercise I will do voluntarily.) is awesome! A few of the people I used to go with have made it through the 3+ instructor changes since I quit going after Q was born. Man, that thing they say about exercise being more fun with a buddy? True. Huh, go figure. I am half a pound away from my weight starting with another number. This is very exciting. Regular-sized clothing, here I come!

Last night's frog exhibitionists left me with two great big clumps of eggs this morning. So that was my what, fifth? trip to the pond. I think even my soft heart will calcify if this keeps up.

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