S.O.S. (Same Ol' Stuff)

The trip home was easy and uneventful. I returned home to babies in various states of disrepair. Both had run moderate fevers while I was gone, and Q decided that he felt too bad to bother with sleeping through the night. Sigh. Four days of relaxation blown in four sleepless hours.

Once we got back to Small Town, Z seemed to recover quickly. Q did not. He wasn't really running a big fever or anything, but he sure was having to work at breathing. I am trying not freak out over a possible recurrence of his pneumonia from last month. It's probably just a virus, right?

One perk of being home again? Z was THRILLED to see me. It turns out that she started whining "I want my mommy" as soon as they dropped me off at the airport. This is ironic because she spends most her days miffed with me in various degrees. I am bummed that she was a pill for her grandmother, but it sure has been nice since I've been back. She's been super sweet all week.

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