I was scrambling around yesterday(as usual) before we were to leave for Ginormousville. We had no real deadline to get there, but I did want to get to the post office before the lunchtime crowd. I hustle the kids and the dogs and the packages into the car and set off at glacier speed.

The Small Town post offices are conveniently located on the opposite side of town from where we live. Luckily, the opposite side of town isn't all that far in Small Town! When we got there, I rounded up all of the junk supplies I would need to mail my packages: two boxes; a sharpie; tape; return address labels; wallet. Wait. Wallet?

No wallet. I frantically dig through all of the usual places I stash it in the car. Not in the purse, the floorboard or the console. I vaguely remember getting it out of the car to get a customer service number off of one of the cards. Damn! I must have left it sitting on my desk next to my computer.

Trying not to have a temper tantrum, I load everything back into the car, grit my teeth and answer all of Z's where-are-we-going? and why-do-we-have-to? questions. We drive all the way back to our house where I jump out to go grab my wallet from my office.

Guess what! No wallet. At this point I am more frustrated than frantic and march back out to the mom-mobile. Surely I looked everywhere before we returned home, didn't I? I go to the passenger door and am greeted by a bushel of fur with assorted noses, legs and tails sticking out. Izzy and Griffin are entwined and completely cover the passenger seat.

Could it be? Using a crane, I heft Izzy's big ol' butt off the seat and what do I find? My wallet. Arg! It should be noted, that I carry one of those giant grandma wallets with a checkbook, photos and a million receipts inside. It took some serious fur to cover up that puppy (no pun intended!). I couldn't help it. I totally cracked up.

The happy ending to my story is that even though we made it back to the post office in the middle of the lunch hour, it was all but deserted. We hardly had to wait at all. I guess it was payback for not losing it when I found my wallet under the dogs.

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