Today I am thankful for:

1. Vets, particularly my vet, that are open on Saturdays. Blackie, the lab, has been licking her unmentionables non-stop. Blech. I was afraid that it was something dire, but she just needed to have her glands expressed. Again, blech. But at least it was cheap to treat!
2. Da Vinci diet vanilla syrup. It makes a plain coffee or coke taste like a treat.
3. Blowing bubbles. It never fails to lift my spirits to see all of those bubbles floating on the breeze. It is fun to watch the kids blow them, too.
4. Nap time. Z's in particular, today, but any nap at any time is a good thing.
5. Having the Christmas tree out of the living room. It makes it seem like a whole new room - especially with T's recliner replacing my beloved leopard chaise. (I didn't get rid of it. It just moved upstairs to our room.) Now if I could just get rid of all the pine needles, I would be set!

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