2009 Challenge Update

Year of the Mom - Pass. I'm not showering every day, but I am doing better than I did last year. I even shaved my legs this week. Oooh, fancy!

Mission: Organize and Declutter - Pass. I have entered all of my household chores onto Outlook and my computer reminds me to do them each day. I know. I'm a computer geek, but it works for me.

New Me Challenge - FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! Haven't made the slightest progress - unless you count totally breaking a sweat vacuuming 40 acres of carpet.

365 Days of Grace in Small Things - Fail. Gone, but not forgotten. I will get back on that tomorrow. I did say at the outset that the days wouldn't be consecutive!

My Friend Amy's Book Challenge - Pass. I even reviewed two books!

Sound Mind, Sound Mom Book Club - Partial fail. I am reading the book, but I haven't made an appearance at the discussions.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my SITS featured blog today! I love meeting new bloggers!

  2. Wow you did great to give yourself so many passes...stop being so dang hard on yourself woman!!!!!!!!! ok just my $.02 worth :)

  3. Totally coming out of hiding! I love reading your blog - one of these days we will actually meet up, but until then just keep writing and I can feel like I'm caught up on everything! Also, Motherhood Uncensored and Mominatrix - thanks! Julie in Denton


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