Still Learning

I made my second official grocery trip as a 'coupon-er' today. The good news: I saved $28.88 (21%)! You can see how quickly the savings add up in my cool counter in the left sidebar. The bad news: a.) I somehow managed to have the wrong sales flier; b.) I only went to one store and left half an hour earlier than I did last time and I was still late picking Z up from school (Note to self: give yourself more shopping time than you can possibly imagine needing. All that flipping around through the binder - not to mention shopping in a different store than usual - is a total time suck.); and c.) Creepy carry-out guy was totally reading both covers my trashy reading material which kind of squicked me out.

Do you know what makes a rushed coupon shopping trip with a crabby two-year-old even more fun? Shopping while the store is resetting all of the aisles. It was a total fruit basket turn over. There were dollies and piles of junk merchandise choking off traffic at every turn. Good times.


  1. yes coupon shopping takes seemingly forever...but what a great job you did!!!!!!!

  2. Another profitable trip though.


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