What? Moving?

Huh. It looks like I really am going to be moving to New Town (I need to find a better name for it. It won' be 'new' forever!). Next week. It just hit me today as I was splashing in the pool with the kids and enjoying our gorgeous corner of east Texas. We have a densely wooded lot and the green is so intense you can practically taste it. New town has its attractions, but beautiful scenery isn't among them.

I love this house. I just about have it whipped into shape. I didn't quite get to the the master bath, but other than that? Just right. I started my marriage in this house. I brought my babies home to this house. My own personal Bethlehem, if you will.

I love my friends. In spite of being outwardly gregarious, I have a hard time making friends. Staying home makes it even harder. But I finally have a circle of friends here that I can call just to chat or to watch the kids during a last minute doctor's appointment. We have found that holy grail of marital friends: a couple we both like equally well. Even our kids get along!

I love my daughter's school. I feel secure about what she is learning there as well as from whom she is learning it. I love that the owner is a friend of mine and a really great guy. Z's teacher was like a friend to me, and I know she had Z's best interests at heart.

I love the community. I love it that this town is small enough that they know me at the oil change place. I love that the owner of the hamburger joint remembers my name, knows who my hubs is (and how he likes his burger!) and makes a special basket just for my kids. I love that a full price movie is $4.00. I love that we always see someone we know when we go out for a date.

It has been a good five years. I am excited about this new leg of our journey, but just now I am mourning.


  1. I was the same way when we moved from our home in Texas (we lived in Garland)to this forsaken place in Virginia. *bah* I'd move back in a heartbeat.

  2. I have a friend who calls it the O.D.
    I couldn't tell you how much a movie is here...you must get out more than I do!

  3. It's hard to leave a place that you feel settled in. I have done it several times over the last 10 years. It of course will take time, but I know you will make new friends.

    Many years ago, one of my friends wrote me a note and said that the people that I'm about to meet in my new hometown don't even know how lucky they are yet. I think the same will go for you--those new friends don't even know how blessed they will be to have you in their lives.

    Enjoy your adventure, because it always is one, isn't it?


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