Bullet-y Goodness

Why write an actual post when you can use bullets?
  • We traveled all the way back to Small Town last week. We got to meet the Lovely S's adopted daughter, Ellie. She is gorgeous! And adapting remarkably well for someone who has been moved halfway around the world to a place where they don't speak her language and they let dogs live in the house (that is her biggest adjustment - Gracie, the family pet). S is really hanging in there considering she has what amounts to a newborn three-year-old. If you would like to help them out with their adoption costs, click on the Chip In! badge on my left sidebar. They have a matching grant, so every dollar is doubled!
  • We did not get to see KK and her family, much to everyone's disappointment. Well, KK and her mom were at Disney World, so they probably were not, in fact, swamped with regret! Hopefully, we will see them next time.
  • I have a silly little chalkboard hanging in my Small Town kitchen. I wrote 'Buy This House' on it as a not so subtle hint to lookers. When we got there, someone had written 'OK' next to it. I am hopeful that they are serious.
  • After Small Town, we went to Ginormousville. We got to see Gordo and Tia's new baby, JJ. So. Cute. He looks just like his mama - though I am the only one who thinks so!
  • The kids and I spent the day hanging with Chica and Chicklette at a fancy-schmancy mall. We played at the play area, ate lunch, and indulged in a quickly accomplished shoe-buying mission. Chica can check out faster than anyone I have ever seen!
  • That night, T and I took the kids over to Tall and Chica's house for dinner. She had some gorgeous looking steaks and fresh green beans. Unfortunately, the grill ran out of gas and we ended up eating pizza (it was way too late to try to get started with charcoal). The pizza was good, but the company was the BEST and that was what was important. It also bares mentioning that Tall and I kicked some serious canasta hiney. Not bad for his first game!
  • Our street in Wester is SO cool. After dinner all of the kids hang out outside and play. Q is the youngest, then Z, then there are two boys who are eight-ish, and twin 14-year-old girls. They all play like they are the same age. It is amazing to watch.
  • Went to playgroup with Cousin P today. The park was a madhouse! There were two playgroups and a school bus full of summer camp-ers there. The park was cool, but it was hard to keep track of our little ones. Cousin P and I ended up taking our kids to Chick Fil-a. They had the cleanest play area I have ever seen. Ever. It even smelled nice in the play area. No wonder it is the most popular place in town!
  • How is it that after eight years my hubs still doesn't get me? We found these really cool cordless, under cabinet puck lights at Sam's. We bought a set to try them out. Loved them, but needed several more. So today he comes home from Harbor Freight with a set of under cabinet lights. That don't match. Arg! Matching is a big thing for me. The first set has motion sensors and the second set are touch lights. He gets big points for thinking of me, but why couldn't he get the same kind?!


  1. I think I might always write in bullet now, cuz I luvs it!

  2. My hubs would do that too. His excuse would be "I don't know which you'd like" which would be followed by something about making a choice and he'd return the other set.

  3. The bullets work!
    Cute blog. I am following from MBC! You can find ame at http://www.thetamom.com

  4. UGH! I hate it when things don't match either. But hey, try it out it may become a trend later!

    Thanks for following me. I am following you also!

    Meg from http://www.MegsAMommy.com


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