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I don't have enough for/feel like writing a long post, so here is some bullet-y goodness (what kind of traffic is that weird phrase going to bring here?) for your reading enjoyment:
  • That doctor that I was so smug about having for Z? On vacation. We ended up in the after hours pediatric clinic at the hospital. Turns out that it wasn't pink eye, but some kind of extra fun associated with a raging ear infection. Her ear was so infected that it came out her eye? Ack! Probably more like the same bacteria was messing with both areas. Good thing she loves taking medicine!
  • After being in Wester for one day, I decided that the poms were going to die if I didn't get their fur cut down. I found a groomer and made an appointment. They asked if I wanted a lion cut as that was what they usually did to poms in the summer. T would have killed me if they came home with this ridiculous haircut, so I told them I was thinking more teddy bear and would bring them a picture. Three hours of internet research later, I decided to just go with a bath, brush out, and sanitary clip. It turns out that cutting their coats like that can damage their hair growth. Some never come back the same! Yikes! The funny thing when I picked them up - besides smelling like cheap hookers - was the sanitary clip. When I've had it done before, they just kind of trimmed a little under the tail. Not this time! Izzy and Griffin were both SHAVED from directly under their tails to their undersides. The long hair on their rear legs (feathering, I think?) was clipped down to look like pantaloons. Now their tiny little buttholes (that have never seen the light of day!) stare at you like a big red eyeball every time they walk away from you. Pretty. But very clean!
  • Upon arrival in Wester my Tivo died. Tragedy! I called Tivo customer service and they told me that my hard drive was dead and to fork over my first born and a kidney to get it replaced. Or I could go to weaKnees and replace it a whole lot cheaper. Uh, I took option B. For less that a third of what Tivo wanted to charge me, I replaced the hard drive myself and tripled the number of hours I can record. Yay!
  • I took Mom-in-law's giant golden retriever, Scout, to the groomer for a wash and brush out. They did a good job on the washing part, but he still had mats and tons of undercoat. But still, totally worth $20 not to have to try to hoist his 100 pound self into the tub and keep him there! I spent most of last night brushing (and brushing and brushing) him out. I collected enough fur to make a whole new dog. Or to spin into yarn and make a sweater. Now he is beee-yooo-ti-ful. He is so gorgeous people regularly ask us if they can take his picture. He might not be too smart, but at least he is pretty. (It's funny that our male dogs are the beauty queens in the family!)
  • The in-laws are coming to visit tomorrow on their way to their summer place in Colorado. The house and yard look like a$$. Good thing they aren't all judgey-judgerson like some in-laws can be. I am just worried that they will want try to fix everything instead of playing with the kids and getting rested up for the long drive.


  1. Glad it's not pinkeye, boo that it's something else!

    Good luck with the in-laws. Having mine over would make me break out in hives.

  2. Hi Rae Ann --

    Your blog is fun to read -- great sense of humor! :D



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