Button (or Header!) Giveaway!

The good news is that the gypsy's line was busy, so my children are both still in residence. We went to playgroup with the cousins and got ALL tired out, so we had a pretty pleasant afternoon.

On to fun stuff! My BBFF (best blog friend forever), Jamie, the Fashionista of Foolishness herself, is celebrating her one year blogaversary on August 15. She asked me to join in her foolishness and donate a custom button or header from The Button Box. Since Jamie was the one who badgered encouraged me to start my bloggy biz in the first place, how could I refuse?

Here is what Jamie has to say about her foolishness fab giveaway!
My first blogoversary is in 10 days. Woot Woot! So, what better way to celebrate than to get smashed seven ways to Sunday to give something away to my favorite readers?!

I have teamed up with my bloggy guru Rae Ann from Critical Mass and The Button Box to give one lucky reader of my foolishness a Rae Ann created, never duplicated, so dang popular her town of Wester is gated, header or button. Seriously, can you stand it?

Here is how you can WIN...
in the true tradition of a great party, I'm sure we would have had a couple of shots of the Mad Dog 20/20, straight from the bottle, chased by some Purple Passion and be feeling pretty good by now. Of course I would be telling you how much I love you and how we would always be best friends. Then I would recall an awesome story from our past and we would laugh and laugh and hug. Then you would hold my hair as I puke and I would KNOW we were BFF&A.

So, to win my blogoversary giveaway you MUST dig into my bloggy past and find a story that you love. Come back to this post and leave me a comment about it. That's it, you're entered to win some Rae Ann bloggy love.

But, if you're a binger like me you're not gonna stop with just one chance to win, you'll want more. Well, who the heck am I to stand in your way?

Earn extra contest entries by
  • following my blog
  • following Critical Mass
  • following The Button Box (make sure you scroll down to the very bottom)
  • blogging about my blogoversary giveaway on your blog
  • tweeting about my blogoversary giveaway OR
  • placing an order with Rae Ann at The Button Box
That's seven possible chances to win big! Please remember to leave a separate comment for each entry. Each comment is your ticket to win. Please also remember that you must follow the directions for your entry to be valid. Non valid comments will not be entered to win. Even a drunk like me has to play by the rules!

Giveaway ends at 8pm Est on August 15th, my blogoversary! I shouldn't be too hammered by 8, but just in case I am, the winner will be drawn with the assistance of Random.org. The winner will be contacted via email on August 16, if your email is not available on your blog or in your profile, please include it in your comment on my blog. I'm not Publisher's Clearing House, I'm not going to show up on your door step with balloons and tell you and your pink bath robe you've won. Then again... I suppose that could happen if I have toooo much to drink during the blogoversary bender celebration.

Anyway, Good luck!

So there you have it! A fun giveaway with tons of ways to enter. I am particularly looking forward to the heartfelt bathroom emoting and hair holding. See you at the party! Good luck!

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  1. Your buttons are cool! I would probably enter if I hadn't just had everything redesigned last week : )


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