We are leaving tomorrow (at the butt crack of dawn) on our annual trek to the family's cabin in Colorado. I wish I could get more excited about it, but the fact is I am the type of person who likes to go to a different place every year. Instead of the same place eight years in a row... Or 37 years in a row, in my husband's case.

Anyhoo, as I am going to be gone for two and a half weeks, I decided to share some of the sites we see in Colorado. Every year. While I am gone, I have scheduled several photo posts of our many adventures in the southwest corner of Colorado. Actually, putting together the pictures softened my Colorado-bound heart. I guess it is kind of like the office Christmas party. I dread going, but generally have a pretty good time once I get there. And there is much less danger of over indulging and/or copying body parts. Not that I would do that. Ahem.

Let's start this photo journey out with pictures of some of my favorite places!

Wheeler Geological Site:

These pictures were taken in 2002. Check the full beard on the hubs! Total Grizzly Adams. I love Wheeler. The hoodoos (real geological name! I guess geologists have a sense of humor) look like something out of a Disney movie. They have to be seen to be believed.


Silverton is an old mining town (surprise!). We must make the trek there at least once per summer to eat lunch at the Grand Imperial Saloon, with the bar complete with historic bullet hole. Then we shop the historic streets street, get ice cream and go home. It is only a short trip over the mountain, so this is an easy day trip.

Gold Hill:
This little mountain was Z's first Jeep trip. At the top of the hill, you have a gorgeous view of the river valley. We usually go up there for a church pot-luck - if we don't get rained out!

Old Carson:

Another mining town. I guess the mine blew up or played out and they moved the town down the mountain a little. Very creatively, they called the new town... Carson (see below!).

There are several buildings left in Carson that are safe to explore. One is a hospital; one is a stable; I think one is a boarding house. The hubs and his folks helped the historical society with the restoration of the area, so they feel a particular kinship with the town.

Pagosa Springs:

This is actually a picture taken on Wolf Creek Pass on the way to Pagosa Springs, but I don't have any pictures of the actual hot springs. The best part of our vacation to Colorado is that T and I get to take an overnight trip ALONE. We usually go to Pagosa Springs. With no kids! To do things adults like to do! Like soak in freaking hot natural mineral springs until your bones melt and SLEEP. And, you know, other stuff we won't talk about because this is a family blog. Ahem.

Up next: American Basin


  1. I have to laugh because this is so my relationship. Let's do something, anything...expect the same thing we did last summer geez

  2. love it! Something to be said for consistency, can use the pictures to measure how the kids grow. We take a photo at the zoo every years in front of the elephants.


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