... Picnics...

For me, the best part about Colorado (well, next to the animals!) is the people. We know tons of folks here in our tiny summer town. Most of them are at least 30 years older than we are. Does that say something about us? To ensure that we get to see everyone, we have what we have dubbed our 'Favorite People Picnics.' Everyone brings a dish to share and we provide hotdogs and all the fixin's.

Here we are at Owl Creek Pass. Stellar parents that we are, we got up there with no coat for Z. So we suited her up Jedi-style in Grandma's polar fleece.

I'm ready for my photo, Mr. DeMille! (Or 30 doting septuagenarians. Whatever.)

Yep, I'm that girl. The one who was willing to nurse in front of said 30 septuagenarians on Blue Mesa.

The hat thing? Must be in the genes. Q loves a hat almost as much as his Daddy!

Mmmmm! S'mores!

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