I am addicted to crack. Christmas Crack, that is. It is the sweet version of Chex Mix, and it should be illegal. Actually, I renamed is Christmas Crunch so that there would not be any unfortunate misunderstandings involving family services or jail time. I stumbled on the recipe here, and made a few modifications that make it just that much more addictive yummy.

Rae Ann's Christmas Crunch

  • 3 pounds vanilla candy coating (aka: Almond Bark)
  • 1 box each: Coco Puffs, Kix, Corn Chex, and Wheat Chex (or generic equivalents)
  • 1 bag stick or ring pretzels
  • 1 bag Christmas M&Ms
Mix all of the dry ingredients together. This recipe makes about a bushel, so I usually do it in three or four batches. Melt candy coating and pour over cereal mixture. Mix to coat. Turn out on waxed paper and allow to set. Store in air-tight containers. Would keep forever if you could keep your children from snarfing it down like they are starving.

There you go. Now you can be an addict, too. You're welcome!

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  1. Looking at the ingredients I can see why you call it "Christmas crack" I get a sugar rush just reading this.


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