While we were away there were crews in and out of our every day. Our contractor was a sheriff's deputy for 27 years, so we had no fears for our worldly possessions. So can anyone explain what happened to the ten pound jar of change in T's office? We turned the house upside down looking for it. It would be kind of hard to miss a two quart glass jar filled with change, don't you think? We just couldn't bring ourselves to believe that one of the workers would steal from us - but the evidence indicates they did.

During the uncomfortable phone call to Eldon that followed our unfortunate discovery, he told T that this was the first time he had anything go missing in 30 years of construction. Dude! Isn't the addition expensive enough without having to fear for our spare change? Gah!

Oh, and, worker dude? Could you not go in my cabinets (!) and take my most delicate glassware outside? And leave it on the picnic table? During a wind storm? Or drink the last of our orange juice and leave your glass teetering on the edge of the sink? Thanks.


  1. That's tough, but it didn't grow legs and walk away on it own. Here's hoping it will all be over soon.

  2. oh no he did'n't!!!! thats hard very hard to think someone would steal from you....


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