Construction: Days 23 - 25

We are cookin' with gas now, folks! On Monday, we didn't have much action, just the delivery of what seemed like an impossible amount of Sheetrock and a million rolls of insulation. Q was quite fascinated by the tiny forklift that unloaded it all into our garage. But on Tuesday? Drywallers!

They got the entire upstairs sheetrocked in one day! Holy moly, does it look different up there! I expected it to look a lot smaller once the walls were in, but I was wrong. It looks HUGE! The bedrooms turned out to be an okay size - big enough for my antique bedroom suite, anyway. The main living area has tons of space. Now if only we had some furniture to fill it!

As if the universe heard my plea, T came home from work with news of some free couches and chairs up for grabs. It is hideous, uncomfortable office furniture, but the operative word was 'free.' So we made an after-dinner dash to the DPS office and loaded up the truck. Ironically, we are pretty sure T's dad is going to love the chair. It is hard as a rock and as cozy as a church pew - just like his favorite chair at home!

We also got windows. It took the masons a couple of days to get the bricks removed/windows installed/bricks re-installed, but today they are all in. Amazing how a window turns a closet into a room! Actually, one of the rooms that got a window is a (giant) closet, but we had to all the window or it would have looked weird from the outside of the house.

I went shopping for carpet for the upstairs. T wanted something with low pile, like the much hated Berber carpet in the rest of the house. Conveniently, I had my eye on a cut and loop carpet with a design in it. My sister has a cool swirl pattern on hers, but the one I like has kind of a wavy grid design. It reminds me of alligator skin. A little funky, but no where near over the top. T liked the one I picked out, so we are on a roll! Yahoo!

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