Construction: Days 26 - 31

We had a whole lot of nothing going on around here the past few days. The guy who was taping and bedding the drywall would come in for an hour in the morning and then be gone for the rest of the day. Finally, on Wednesday, a crew came in and blew on the texture. The walls look really good. The trash can, recliner and phone that also got textured? Not so much.

On Friday the texture dude came back to repair all the cracks, holes and nail-pops in the downstairs ceiling. Unfortunately, the drywaller hadn't gotten the memo that the gaping wholes needed to be sheetrocked, so the texture dude went home. Wah.

Today the drywall repair guy came and fixed most of the holes in the walls and ceiling. Unfortunately, some plumbing was not installed deep enough in the walls to drywall over and will have to be moved. Two steps forward, one step back.

After not seeing hide nor hair of the contractors for the last week, I finally talked to David today. He had been out for the last week with strep. Can you say patient zero? Anyway, he said he was going to get all of the trim installed tomorrow and the painter would be right behind him. He suggested that I pick out a vanity at Lowe's instead of having one custom built because we have gotten so far behind schedule. I found one I liked and he will be building some custom shelving to make the most of the storage in the bathroom. I also picked out the mirror and light fixture. I am so tickled with my selections! They are going to look so amazing! Someday!

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