Construction Days: 36-38

At last! Progress! And drama! Lots of drama! The slug-like (non)painters? Fired. The crew hired to replace them? Fired. The crew hired to replace them? Are the hardest working painters I have ever seen!

The head guy of the first crew has been in the hospital, but he sent his flunkies to do the job. Meanwhile, he was pestering Eldon for money, money, money - well beyond what he was owed. (My guess is that he didn't have health insurance and was trying to get Eldon/ME to pay for his care.) The underlings were working at glacier speed and were doing a half-a$$ed job of it.

The second crew said they could start the next day, Saturday, and would meet David at my house at 10:00. At a quarter of 11:00, David called to say that there had been some kind of miscommunication and that they had to finish up another job first. Hopefully that just meant cleaning up and getting their stuff packed up. Apparently not.

The third crew arrived yesterday in a gold Ford Taurus - the most unlikely painter vehicle ever! They had a look around and got to work around 1:00. They got the entire ceiling rolled (not sprayed, rolled) in one afternoon. They got more done in half of one day than the first crew did in two full days! Today they rolled on the color (which I LOVE, by the way). They got the entire living room, the bathroom, and most of the two new bedrooms done. All they lack is the walls where the ceiling line is curved. Awesome!

We also had a return visit from the electricians today, with a surprise bonus: a granddaughter just Z's age. They were fast friends in about a nanosecond and disappeared into Z's room. We finally have our lights/fans/floods in working order. They had been installed weeks ago, but they kind of forgot about installing the switches. Apart from a pretty dramatic shower of sparks and one burned up pair of pliers, all went smoothly. Let there be light!

I also had a visit from the plumber to scout the location for the wet bar. Luckily, our first choice for location is the easiest place to get water. Huzzah! Unfortunately, Eldon didn't realize that I had planned to put a bank of cabinets on that wall, so it took a while for us to get on the same page. But now we are!

My gorgeous vanity was delivered today, along with the mirror. I am so tickled! I still love them. I can't wait to see them installed. Hopefully soon!

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  1. LOVE the Green buttons on your harlequin background in honor of St. Patty's Day today! No pinching here! :-) (Lucky for me, I guess, that my blog is always green as I wouldn't have thought of that!)


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