Nerd Humor

Walking through a narrow space in our (poorly designed) kitchen, I ran a hand over my hub's tummy as I squeezed by him.

"That's my belly. My round belly," he says.

Rolling my eyes, I pat my own fluffy middle and say, "Your belly isn't round. My belly is round!"

"So, should I call you pi?" he asks, eyes twinkling.

Groaning, I ask, "Because pi are round*?"

"See? I've been calling you by the right name all these years, sweetie pi!"

*This is the punch line from an old joke: A farmer's son goes to college. When he gets home, his father asks him what he has learned for all of that money. The son thinks a minute and says, "pi r square." The dad replies with dismay, "I don't know what they are teaching you at that fancy school of yours, but everyone knows cornbread are square. Pie are round!"


  1. Yeah, cute! Love that you describe it as "fluffy middle"... that sounds so cuddly. x


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