It Lives!

Turns out that cycling is a whole lot easier when you have air in your tires.  How about that?  The one-mile ride to Q's school was a piece of cake.  When I started feeling a bit of quad strain on the way home, I had a moment of panic - until I notice that I was on a slight incline and had a head wind.  Whew!

Apart from fitness, riding the bike had some other unexpected side benefits.  Q is in the midst of some terrible-three-type control issues and wanted nothing to do with going to school this morning.  But when he found out we were going in the bike?  He could hardly wait to leave!  I even got compliments from another mom when she saw me getting ready to leave.  It boggled her mind that I could bike him to school.

I have decided that my pink mom-bike needs a name.  Something as prissy and silly as she is.  Penelope rides again!

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