Soooo Slow

I am making some progress on painting the kids' bathroom.  I did all the cutting in for the primer two weeks ago... then it got cold.  I don't want to paint with the window open when it is 30 degrees outside, right?  So there it sat, pictures off the walls, towel racks down, no place to put the toilet paper.  Nice.

It's a small room, maybe five by ten feet, so I know it won't take a lot of time to paint.  But it took me weeks to finally just get started already.

But I did!  I started!  I primed all four walls!  Sad to say my bathroom looks better now, with bare primer on the walls, than it has since I moved in 18 months ago.

So here's the dilemma:   I am hosting a trunk show on Thursday.  There is no possible way I can get the painting completed before the party.  I'll need to do at least two coats of each color (pale blue and brown for a sky and sand theme, for those of you playing along at home), and I'm playing around with the idea of making the dividing line a curve instead of a regular straight line.  This will take some figuring on my part - not to mention way more time than I have to devote to it before the trunk show.

Sigh.  Guess I will be setting the bathroom back up (pictures, shower curtains, toothbrush holder) for the party, then strip it all back down for the final paint job.  Did I mention blah?  But at least I'm making progress, right?

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