Kids?  Are expensive.  What with the 'Mama, I'm hungry!' and 'Mama, my sweater won't fit over my head!' and 'Mama, I don't want to drown in a tragic fishing accident!' and 'Mama, I don't want to contract cholera from my own bathroom!' and all.  Needy little bloodsuckers*.

Today's expenditures:
  • Swim lessons for one month - $80
  • Second season of soccer for Z - $60
  • Food for the kids' beasties - $70  Okay, to be fair, they only account for half of the dog ownership, so - $35
  • Presents for Q's upcoming birthday - $25
  • Pajamas for Q so he doesn't have to sleep outgrown summer PJs - $15
  • Leggings to replace the ones Z put holes in - $10
  • Shoes to replace the ones Holly ate - $10
  • Cleaners for their narsty bathroom - $10
Gah, make it stop!  And that doesn't even touch on the groceries, tuition, ballet lessons, tumbling, and book orders we're already in for the month.  Is it too late to reconsider my decision to become a parent?**

* I know being needy is a kid's job.  I kid!
** I would never choose to not have my kiddos.  I love them more than air.  But the money... anyone want to buy a kidney?

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