Thankful 2011 - Days 19 - 22

19.  I am thankful for family date night:  a DVD and pizza with the hubs and chillies.  Captain America was a big hit - even if Z & Q fell asleep before it was over.
20.  I am thankful that I can finally, Finally, FINALLY get the air compressor out of my kitchen because I AM DONE UPHOLSTERING THE WING BACK CHAIRS!!!  (Pictures coming soon!  I am frantically sewing seat cushions.)
21.  I am thankful for my good friends who put up with my preference of McD's over Chic-Fil-A (it's just so crowded!) for rainy day play dates.
22.  I am thankful for the tireless efforts of my cousin-in-law for arranging a wonderful gingerbread house decorating party at the local Children's Museum.  I am not sure if our structure is still standing, but my kids had a sugar-buzzing good time!

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