Critical Mass

Critical Mass Perhaps this post should be subtitled "Critical of My Ass" since weight loss is a major motivator for this blog?

So here's the thing: my feet hurt. A lot. And what athletic thing did I do to injure said feet? Well, I have a gold medal in emotional eating, silver medals in watching an embarrassing amount of television and finishing up my kids' meals, and finally a bronze medal in never losing my baby weight. In short, my feet hurt because I got fat. Now I am not a willowy kind of gal under the best of circumstances, but someone who is 5'3" should not be this round. At my fittest, I was what my grandmother called "sturdy." Think the cheerleader at the bottom of the pyramid. That was me. I aspire for that to be me again - sans polyester miniskirt and matching bloomers.

What I really want is to set a good example for my daughter, Z. She is three and a half, totally precocious and way too observant. I know that I learned my lessons about food at my mother's knee and want the example I set to be somewhat less neurotic. (Totally a post for another day!) I am striving for a healthier lifestyle, not just a diet. You know, one that includes fresh vegetables and more exercise than walking to the kitchen to fill a sippy cup.

In keeping with this desire, I have joined Weight Watchers Online. I would like to go to WW Live, but in the small town where I live, there are only two meetings per week and I can't swing the child care. As it turns out, the interface with WW Online appeals to my inner computer geek and has totally kept me on track so far. I plan to lose around 60 pounds. I am trying to hit the gym more regularly. You would think that chasing after two kids under the age of four would be enough exercise for anyone. But somehow, I have managed an economy of movement to rival a three-toed sloth, so it is into the pool for me.

So far, so good. The picture was taken at the end of my mountain vacation this summer (the pink and green looked a lot cuter when I was wearing the jacket). That was my starting point. I'll put up other pictures as my weight loss progresses. Three pounds down, 54 to go!

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