Frogs 3 - Rae Ann 0

Ah, young love. Apparently, my pool is the lovers' lane of the frog world. When I went out there this morning, there were three more clumps of eggs. Sucker that I am, I scooped them up and took them to the pond. Somehow I feel like I am singlehandedly reversing survival of the fittest. Or, given that they were spawned in a fully chlorinated swimming pool, perhaps I am helping to create the X-Men of the frog kingdom. Yay! Mutant frogs! And I am their queen!

In other news, I have managed to go walking and/or swimming (frogs or no!) for the last three days. Yay, me! And interestingly, today was the first time that I felt really hungry. Unfortunately, hunger struck while the kids and I were at the grocery store. (Two children trapped in a shopping cart, begging for anything that catches their eyes - we're talking ketchup here - for a solid hour? Good times.) Luckily, I am newly obsessed with the 100 calorie packs of everything, so the damage was minimal. Weigh in tomorrow! I am cautiously hopeful.

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