Falling Off the Wagon

Travel is in so many ways my nemesis. While I love being other places, I am always so totally out of my groove when I return home. It takes me days to get back into the domestic swing of things, so dishes pile up and laundry threatens to take over the house. (Yeah, that's it. That's why my house is perpetually sub-par.) So too it goes for dieting - I mean healthy lifestyle changes.

Having just returned from the middle of Nowhere, I have slipped out of the habit of recording what I am eating at the WW site. I was diligent about writing everything down while I was away, but haven't forced myself to do the data entry now that I am home. I am totally slacking and snacking. Arg! I think I ate a grape or a piece of sliced peach every time I walked through my kitchen today. I guess it could be worse, but if you eat a pound of grapes you aren't doing yourself any favors! Must. log on. to Weight Watchers.

Out of my hermetically sealed bubble I have yet to develop the control I need to "just say no" to foods I am better off without. My mom-in-law is a food-is-love type of gal, so the weekend trip to the ranch involved lots of yummy stuff that I SO would have avoided at home. Because portion control? is not my friend. And that WW saying, "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels," is a bunch of hooey. A cookie (homemade by someone who made them just for you!) tastes way better. If it is a choice between being thin and eating the cookie, the cookie wins every time.

Oh, and I totally forgot (no, really! I did forget!) to weigh this morning until after I had eaten something. I'm a little OCD with my weighing ritual. If it is not first thing in the morning, with me practically naked and preferably with an empty bladder, I just am not willing to get on the scale. Today I overslept a little and so was in a rush to get Z off to preschool and my weight was the last thing on my mind. Oops. At least I finally made it to the gym today. Hopefully that will be reflected in my weigh-in!

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