Hurricanes Blow*

You would think that as far away as Small Town is from the Texas coast that I wouldn't have to worry about hurricanes. Au contraire! Many of my college friends live on the south side of Houston (people I know work at NASA!) and my parents live about 30 miles inland a little further west. My mom is in a memory care facility and had to be evacuated to a sister facility in Austin (man, I wouldn't have wanted to be on that bus).

But my biggest worry is T. As millions of people are fleeing the coast of Texas, he was ordered to drive directly into the storm. He got called in today - on his day off - and had to be in Houston by 7p.m. So far the weather has been okay, but the meteorological poop is supposed to really hit the fan on Saturday. Sometimes it is hard to come to grips with your husband having a career that puts him in the way of harm in such a big way. I know that cops risk their lives every day, but somehow a hurricane seems like a bigger threat than a speeding soccer mom. You can't shoot the hurricane if it gets out of hand and all a flying tackle would get you is wet.

So I sent him off with snacks and a cot, bottled water and beef jerky. I will worry quietly here and be cheerful on the phone. I'll give another shot at explaining where Daddy has gone to Z. She heard me on the phone with my dad and can't understand why we can't go visit. Hopefully it will turn out to be a tempest in a teapot and T will return home disgruntled from all the driving but none the worse for wear.

*Pun entirely intended

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