Sloppy Kisses

Q has reached that adorable age where he is giving kisses on demand. Unfortunately, I think he learned his technique from the dogs, as there is a lot of slobber involved. So here's the drill: while he is sitting in my lap, I pucker up and ask, "Give Mama kisses?" (I know, I know. Baby talk is terrible. How will he ever learn to talk? Blah, blah, blah. Whatever.) His face lights up and he slowly brings his great giant head toward your cheek. Then he keeps going right on past to plant a smacker right on the lips. Growing up, we were not a family of lip-kissers. Heck, we were hardly kissers at all, so the baby boy lip lock took a little getting used to. He hasn't learned the fine art of puckering, so he comes at you with his little mouth in a big O and latches onto my puckered lips like a Remora. Usually, I make the kissy sound and move away. If I am not quick enough, he will gently bite my lower lip. He will usually kiss me three or four times before losing interest. Invariably, I need a mop to soak up the accumulated spit. On one hand, eew! But on the other hand, too sweet.

* * *** * *
Pant! I went (gasp!) to the gym. Huff, puff, huff, puff. My new - OMG, am I having a stroke here? - instructor (pant, pant!) is killing me. I think I might love him.

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