Stellar Parenting*

And the award for making the best out of a bad(ish) situation: Me! Despite the fact that T is (bored out of his mind waiting to be put to work) on hurricane relief duty down in Houston (or a high school gym/cafeteria in Houston, whatever) and that mean ol' Ike has dumped a steady/heavy rain all day on our little house in the swamp, today was a great day at home with the kids. This was a great relief as there have been a lot of days lately when I feel like the worst. parent. evah.

What was special about today? Nothing much. The kids spent the morning in front of the neglect-o-matic (TV) with a minimum of carnage. (Note to self: write the Disney Channel a thank you note.) I made these cool zucchini pizza boats that I thought were pretty yummy (I'd link to the recipe, but I changed it too much to make it worth your time) and were WW friendly. The kids ate the innards and left the zucchini part of the boats (Z told me she would like zucchini when she was grown up), but the joke is on them. The inside parts that I scraped out of the zukes were cooked and reinserted as filling. Ha! I snuck in a green veggie! I rule!

Then (cue the choir of angels!), Z and Q took naps at the same time! Unprecedented! Usually they are tag-team sleepers and one is awake at all times. This is probably the real reason I had a great day: two hours of uninterrupted time to myself. Also unprecedented.

When my munchies woke up - in good moods, no less - Z pressed her nose against the window and looked longingly outside. We'd been cooped up for a couple of days because of the rain and she desperately wanted to go outside even though it was raining steadily. So I said, "Why not?" and herded children and dogs alike out into the garage. Daredevil that she is, Z ran directly out onto the driveway and did spins in the rain. Q was a little more timid, but when I stomped out into the puddles with the dogs, he followed. It took him a minute to warm up to it, but once he decided that playing in the rain was big fun he giggled and splashed. Too cute. Something about getting wet brings out the feisty in Pomeranians, so both of them were buzzing around on little wet chicken legs and barking at the splashes. They were clearly having an awesome time. Me, too. My one regret was that T wasn't there to catch it all on film. He would have stayed nice and dry in the garage, thank you very much, but would have been an awesome camera man. I want to hold on to the novelty and wonder of playing in the rain with my kids for the first time.

After we came in, the kiddos hopped into the tub to clean/warm up. Once they were dried off and jammied up, we trooped downstairs to make homemade pizza. Earlier, Z had helped me make the pizza dough from an awesome recipe I found in Wondertime Magazine. I have a bad track record with yeast breads, but this one did its yeasty thing and puffed up in no time. Sweet! Apart from an unfortunate deployment of the smoke alarm (I was a little over enthusiastic with the corn meal you use to keep the pizza from sticking to the pan and it burned - but just the corn meal, not the pizzas!), they turned out great. Then we all cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie together.

Then the babies went to bed and everyone lived happily ever after. Or not. When we got upstairs to read books before bedtime, Z felt hot to me. Yep, 102.3 degrees. Sigh. I knew it was too good to last.

*For once, totally not sarcastic!

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