Halloween Cuteness

Years ago, I purchased a sewing machine for the express purpose of making costumes. During college and my single years, I made some pretty amazing costumes. If I do say so myself!

The last one I made was for a space themed Halloween party when I was five months pregnant with Z. I went as Miss Piggy from Pigs in Space complete with silver boots, shiny purple dress, and silver lamé epaulets.

But today I have outdone myself. I am making Z's Halloween costume. (I know, I know. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. What can I say? I work better under pressure.) She is going as a pink poodle. I bought this curly/shaggy pink fleece for the furry parts. It looks like there has been a stuffed animal massacre in my kitchen. Man, does that stuff shed!

Essentially, I am making bloomers, a short vest, a bunch of wrist and ankle scrunchies and a headband with ears on it. It is the. cutest. thing. ever. When I started out, the bloomers looked like little furry hot pants, which totally cracked me up. Of course, once I added the elastic they turned into really fluffy bloomers. Too cute! She will wear the bloomers and vest over a pink leotard and leggings. She will have a black collar with white polka dots and little black and white polka dot bows at all of the appropriate places. I could just go into a sugar coma from the sweetness of this costume.

Wouldn't you know it? Precision Camera is still holding my camera hostage. So much for taking it to see Sister K next week! I will post a picture as soon as I am able.

Q is going as a tiny little cowboy. I found some faux leather and am making him a pair of chaps and a vest. He already has tiny boots, a sheriff's badge, and a cowboy hat. I am considering making some spurs out of fun foam, but I think he would probably just take them off and chew on them.

Z has already said that she wants to be a witch next year. So I will make her a cute/scary witch costume and - wait for it - Q will be her flying monkey! I am already scheming wings. Love!

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