Today, what I have is scraps:
  • When I thought Z had conceded defeat over the bedtime battle last night? I was SO wrong. Q woke up in the dead of night, on fire with fever because his Motrin had worn off. I'm sure his head felt like it was exploding with a fever so high, and he showed his discomfort by screaming fit to wake the dead. But rather than ghouls, he awoke another little beastie: Z. As I was putting Q back down, I heard Z calling for me. Worried that she had contracted Q's viral nastiness, I go in to check on her. What does she say when I open the door? "I want you to read me a book."

  • My great aunt and uncle stopped in for a quick visit today. I was totally unprepared for their arrival, as I had completely forgotten about it in all of the plague-ish excitement. Luckily, they called for directions, so I had time to get everyone dressed. The house? Alas, it was a wreck, as usual. My aunt is nine years older than my mom, which makes her 78. She and her husband were on their way to Branson for a reunion with their friends from when they were in the Peace Corps. How cool is that? I hope I take after my aunt instead of my mom in the brain health department!

  • The angels sang at our house today. Both kiddos napped (and actually slept!) at the same time. I got to catch up on a little reading and sleep, too. Yippee!

  • I am a voracious reader. No need to be impressed, however, as what I like to read is pretty much fluff - as I am sure you can tell by my 'What I Am Reading' list to the right. (The exception being Jen Lancaster's books, of course! Love, love, love her!) It seems to be all vampires all the time around here. I guess I am going to have to read the Twilight series, just to keep up the streak! It all started with Blood is the New Black, a recommendation from Jen Lancaster's blog. I stumbled on the rest when I was buying the first one on Amazon. Anyway, lots of sassy vampire fun at my house.

  • The highpoint of my day? I got my very first comment from someone I'm not related to! Yay for Dodi! She made my day. It seems that I am a whore for comments. Who knew?

  • Had to really marshall all of self control to keep my head from spinning around at bed time tonight. Z is showing all the classic signs of sibling rivalry with Q getting so much attention. Most of it has been the usual stuff: talking back, doing stuff to bug Q, crawling all over me. But tonight, she trotted out a new one. She peed on the floor. Arg! If I thought it was a case of not making it to the bathroom in time, it would have been no big deal. But the trail was leading away from her door and further into her room. I had to work very hard not to lose my mind. Good thing I have stock in Nature's Miracle because of the dogs!

  • A weird thing I love? My alpha dog (all eight pounds of him!), Griffin, is sitting under my desk licking my feet. He is usually so busy keeping the other dogs in line that he doesn't show tons of affection. When I am writing, he keeps me company and gives me a pedicure. I love this giant ball of fluff!

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