They liked it! Hey, Mikey!

I bought the Hungry Girl Cookbook on impulse last week. I was peripherally aware of Hungry Girl because she blogs for Weight Watchers. I signed up for her daily e-mail, and apart from an unnatural love for fake meat (veggie burger patties? Blech.), her suggestions sound tasty.

So far I have tried two and a half of her recipes and liked them all. Better yet, my kids liked them, too. I made oven fried chicken tenders and onion rings from the cookbook. Then I took that methodology and made zucchini fries. The kids loved the chicken. And it is super easy, too. Just dunk the tender in some Egg Beaters and roll it in crushed Fiber One cereal with some salt, pepper, and garlic and bake for 20 minutes. Easy. The cereal does have a slightly sweet taste, but it is crunchy and fun to eat. The kids were only lukewarm about the veggies, but I really liked them. They were a total points bargain, and the portions were huge. I am all about bulky foods!

I bought the ingredients to make a couple other recipes from the book. I'll keep you posted on how they turn out!

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Q had a rough night. He was completely limp and disinterested in food this morning, but after he got up from his nap he was back to himself. Whew!

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