Today I am thankful for:

1. Learning something new every day. Today I learned how to make blog buttons. Button Exchange, anyone?
2. Despite icy conditions, T only had to work a couple of wrecks. So both he and the population of Small Town were safe.
3. Z and Q have finally started playing well together. It used to be all Z ordering Q around/stealing Q's toy. Today they were laughing and chasing each other around. One of those moments that makes you glad you decided to procreate.
4. I am officially, really and truly, finished with my Christmas shopping. Wrapping, baking, cooking, cleaning? Not so much, but that's for another post!
5. Z's pre-school teacher. She's an experienced teacher who knows how to handle my, erm, spirited child. Oh, and school book orders! We got a sack full yesterday! I am a Scholastic book order junkie.

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  1. i want to know how to make a blog button!!!!


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