1. I got to see Chicklette today! Yay! She is as gorgeous in person as she is in her pictures. I didn't get to hold her, though. Her Grammy outranked me. Boo!

2. Z and I got great new haircuts. Hers is in a chin-length bob that is the cutest. thing. ever. Our stylist did some magic over my hair that makes it curl better without frizzing. I will really be thankful if I can duplicate it!

3. Play areas at McDonald's. A life saver when you are traveling.

4. Adventure Kids Playcare. My mom-in-law wasn't here to look after the kids, and I didn't think Q could sit through a doctor's appointment and my haircut in one day, so I checked Adventures Kids out. Awesome! Z loved it and asked if she could go back tomorrow!

5. That the ug-ug-ugly moles on my neck were removed today - and that the shot to numb them hurt more than the removal.

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