Today I am thankful for:

1. LOL Cats/I Can Has Chezburger - I just added them to my blog reader and they make me laugh every time. Since I can no longer have a cat (darn allergy-prone husband!) this is a way for me to get my kitty fix.
2. Sticking with the cat theme, Q has discovered his sister's Fur Real Pet, which is an animatronic kitten. He wags it around everywhere, meows at it and laughs out loud when he makes it purr. SO. CUTE.
3. I don't care what the Surgeon General says, children's cold relievers are a gift from god. (I only give them at night, so I know I won't give them too much and it insures all of us get a better night's sleep!)
4. White chocolate covered pretzels. An impulse buy at the grocery store and so yummy. Salty and sweet together? Perfection.
5. Darling little girl pajamas. Z's class at school has adopted a girl from the local homeless shelter and we signed up to give her PJ's. The pre-Christmas selection was excellent - so. many. choices. I got her two pairs and one pair for Z. I had to use some serious restraint not to buy more. I love me some jammies.

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