Got Thyroid?

Today when T got up, I told him I was going back to bed as soon as I had made the kids' breakfasts. He grumbled his consent then said, "I think you need to get your thyroid checked again. You have been sleeping an awful lot lately."

Wait. Huh? "I'm sick!" I replied incredulously. I had gone to bed after him and gotten up before him.

"Still? I was sick, too, and I am going to work today." (He took the last two days off.)

What kills me about this statement is that a.) he had a much milder version of the OMG-please-kill-me-now cold I had; b.) he took two days off of work to lie around and channel surf while his mom catered to his every whim; and c.) while I was sick I did the holiday baking, ALL of the Christmas shopping - even for his parents, wrapped a kajillion presents, played Santa, fed/bathed/clothed the kids, and made Christmas dinner. Without a single day off.

Because moms never get a day off.

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  1. I am laughing at your post because tis true on many accounts.


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