Job Blah

T just finished another round of promotional boards. Three exams. Three panel interviews down in Austin. Nothing. I am so frustrated on his behalf. How can they not want him? He is smarter, harder working and more ambitious that any other officer I have ever met. To say nothing of better educated. It's like they have picked out who is going to promote before the interviews even take place. But of course, don't we all think that when we don't get the job? Blah.

Luckily, there is always another job. He sent in an application for yet another position today. With any luck, we should know some thing by the end of the week. If he gets it, the job would start right after the first of the year. We would be moving back to Ginormousville. In a lot of ways this would be a best case scenario. Close to family and friends, closer to the ranch, lots of enrichment opportunities for the kids, T working regular hours. On the other hand, the position doesn't sound very interesting to me. I don't know how long the novelty of not working weekends and holidays will last.

T is a little freaked out at the prospect of moving. He doesn't handle change well - even good change! I am more freaked out about selling our current house. SO many little projects left half done. Several big projects that need doing. Holy overgrown flower beds, Batman!

Oh, well. I guess we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. No counting chicks and all that.

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