Kali: Goddess of Destruction

Lest you think I have gone soft with all of my ooey-gooey, mushy-gushy, spread-the-love posts of late, let us return to our regularly scheduled programming.

I misnamed my firstborn. Instead of Z, I should have named her Kali after the Hindu goddess of destruction. (Actually, we briefly considered Kayleigh as a name. Coincidence? I think not.) Whatever the situation, Z's first impulse is to tear things up.

It started out with price tags. She couldn't resist trying to get them off, and ripped many a book cover in the process. From there she moved on to tearing off any loose piece of paper she happened upon. She picks decals off of toys. She stretches her clothes until the stitches pop. She bites her nails. Until they bleed. Even her TOES. (Blech.) If it will fit in her mouth, she chews it up. (Man, it sounds like she is orally fixated, but we nursed until she was 18 months! Shouldn't that have taken care of that?)

I am at my wit's end. Why is my smart and lovely daughter hellbent on destruction? I am trying to go the natural consequence route (Books/toys are ruined? Too bad. They won't be replaced.), but it doesn't seem to have much effect. I correct/redirect her until I am hoarse. What else can I do? Is this just a normal almost-four-year-old thing? Suggestions, please!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your little girl...I think it may be normal for some, I have a daughter who ,throws whatever she can find, when she's mad. Maybe you can talk to her doctor about it and figure it out.

    Visiting from Mommy Bloggers Club, your blog is upbeat and cheery! I like it! Makes me feel like spring:)


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