Before we were married, my husband somehow got the idea that I was not good at handling money - despite the fact that I had lived on my own from the time I was 18, worked a good bit of that time and had purchased a house. (cough, cough, while he lived at home until we were married, cough) Once we were married, it was decided that he would handle the finances. This was fine with me. While I am capable of doing the family accounting, I had no burning desire to do so.

This arrangement has worked fairly well. Until today. Up until now, T kept me up to date on our account balances and we haven't had any problems. Well, with all of the studying/hunting/anything-else-he-can-think-of-ing, he had fallen behind on the data entry. Like several months behind. For my part, I toodled along buying Christmas gifts, shower gifts, cute but unnecessary clothes for the kids, and way too many books without consulting T about the balance. Clearly it was a breakdown in the (faulty) system and we were both at fault.

When T went out to run some errands today, his debit card was declined. He came home all fired up about where had the money gone? How much had I spent on Christmas? Blah, blah, blah. Now we still had money in the bank, so we didn't overdraw or anything, but he was steaming mad (at the situation, not at me. He agrees that we were both at fault). Honestly, I am surprised that it didn't happen before now.

So now we start a new era, where we are partners in our finances. This has to be a better arrangement. Besides, I get to geek out on Excel with spreadsheets and graphs and stuff. It will be good to know where all the money is going. I suspect Wal-Mart, as it is the only place to shop here in Small Town. Damn Wal-Mart.


  1. I hate Wal-mart too. I really try and avoid it at all cost.
    Yea! for you and husband getting together on the finances.
    I keep up with them in our house for some reason. He started out then it slowly migrated over to me.
    But I love the CONTROL.... TEEHEHE
    Thank the Lord for online banking. I love being able to check the balances with a few clicks.

  2. Ok the whole debit card decline thing is a nightmare i experience everytime i hand mine over eventhough I know how much is there...excellent on you guys working together on the finance!

  3. Great idea to work together on finances. When my husband and I married, he was keeping the checkbook. Soon after, he was deployed and I took over. That was almost 20 years ago and he has never taken the job back. I keep him updated on what is what (though he prefers for me just to take care of it and give him an allowance).


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