Rae Ann + Dreads = WRONG

Until I was 30 I had straight hair. And I don't just mean straight, I mean stick straight. I mean hot-rollers-only-put-a-slight-wave-in-it straight. I mean you-couldn't-even-backcomb-it-with-gel straight. And then my thyroid quit.

Suddenly my hair had a slight wave in it. It held a curl a lot better. After I had Z, I noticed two things about my hair: a.) it was a lot darker (wah!) and b.) it was a lot curlier. But really only in the back. The front was just wavy. This made me crazy. Now, after Q, my hair is darker yet and has become full-on curly. The curliest parts are on either side of the nape of my neck.

What the hell?

After a life spent in pursuit of curly hair, now that I have it, I have no clue what to do with it. Unlike straight hair, brushing makes it look worse instead of better. I have a LOT of hair. I turn into Rae Ann of the Large Hair Clan if I come near it with a brush. A white girl fro is a fashion don't.

I am not a daily hair-washer (I don't manage regular showers, let alone hair washing!), so there are times when I will go for several days without brushing my hair. Also, I don't have bangs, so I have gotten into the habit of wearing my hair in a ponytail when I go to sleep. Surprisingly, this seems to make my hair more tangled than sleeping with it down!

So this morning I take my hair out of my barrette and run my fingers through it. Imagine my dismay when I discover two largish clumps of hair on either side of my neck that seem to have fused into nasty blondish ropes. YIKES! I practically had to get out the dogs' Furminator (mat comb) to get them out.

I told T that I guessed I was going to have to move to Jamaica and wear one of those crocheted hats if my hair was going to act this way. He said he was sorry I wanted a divorce.

Clearly some priorities need to be changed around here. Personal hygiene should not be a luxury. I am joining Kristen over at Motherhood Uncensored and declaring 2009 to be the Year of the Mom.

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  2. Age and having kids has changed my body and it's accessories and apendages in ways I don't care to discuss! LOL! My hair has also gotten curlier over the last few years but it isn't a pretty curl, it's some kind of ugly frizzy curl which takes numerous styling products and a flat iron to tame. I feel your pain!

  3. Yes Year of the Mom!!!!
    my hair has gotten frizzy my boobs are heading south and my assa is full on flab

  4. That's the weirdest thing I've ever heard. Ok, probably not. But come on, how can hair mutate like that from straight to curly. Bizarro.

    I'll bet it's adorable though! And you're right; curly hair does not like the brush.

    Happy New Year!


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