Three Columns!

Today I totally geeked out and figured out how to add another column to my template. I wanted a narrow column on the left side of my blog so I could display all of the cool buttons I see out there in Blog Land. I say that "I" figured it out, but really I just Googled "3 column Ms Moto" and followed the directions at The Blogger Guide. Ms Moto is my template. I am sure if you looked yours up, there would be instructions for that, too. The internet is an amazing place.

I am totally tickled with how it turned out. Drop me a line if you have a button you would like to share!

Coming soon: A Critical Mass button! I have made several for other sites, I guess it is about time to make one for mine!


  1. I love it! Thanks for the link to The Blogger Guide. I'll be checking that out. And I like that you catergorized the buttons.

  2. Oh love the three columns.. I love love buttons.

  3. Oh I am so jealous. I have not figured out three columns. I am lucky I have 2.


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