Uh, About that 100th Post

I had planned to do one of those 100-things-about-me posts for my 100th post. Since post 100 came and went some time ago and I have come to realize that no one really wants to know 100 things about me, I have decide to give you one fact for each year of my age, 38, and add one factoid for each post past 100, 17. So I give you:

55 Facts About Me

1. Love black olives
2. Hate green peppers - they are one of very few things I don't eat. Uh, hence the weight issue. They make everything they touch taste like green peppers. Blech.
3. Love animals: originally, I was a cat person, next came big dogs (big old dogs in particular), then I came to love small dogs of any variety, but Pomeranians in particular. Pretty much anything with fur. Not tarantulas, though. Ick.
4. I am a military brat. The highlights: born in Korea and went to jr. high in Italy. Lowlights: I graduated from high school in North Dakota.
5. I only applied to one university. Go Longhorns!
6. I have never tried any recreational drugs. Not because I am all holier-than-thou about it or anything, but my sophomore boyfriend got busted for dealing and dragged out of physics class. It makes an impression.
7. When I was young, I had a thing for scary skater boys. Dig the Vanns!
8. I know how to weld.
9. I was 30 when I met T. 33 when we got married. 34 when I had Z. 36 when I had Q.
10. My favorite movie is When Harry Met Sally. I first saw it by accident. The theater was running a surprise double feature. We paid to see one of the Karate Kid sequels.
11. I never went longer than a month without a boyfriend from the time I started dating at 16 until I broke up with my college fiance at 21. Then I had two consecutive four-year dry spells (yes, that's eight years) divided only by a couple of unfortunate dates.
12. I screwed up my right knee doing a head roll in dance class when I was 16. And required surgery on the left one after a series of unfortunate events involving a bouncy house, swing dancing and a dunking booth.
13. My favorite book is The Eight by Katherine Neville. I am totally psyched that after 20 years she has written a sequel. Too bad I am too cheap to buy it in hardback.
14. I had both of my kids without painkillers. Even Z, who was induced. I am not a rock star or anything, I think I must just have a high pain tolerance and/or a pelvis made for pushing. Oh, and because my dad said I was too much of a weenie to have any babies at all, let alone naturally. I had something to prove.
15. Purple is my favorite color. Has been for most of my life. There was a time in jr. high when I could wear a different purple outfit every day for two weeks. Now I just have purple couches.
16. I taught myself how to sew so I could make costumes. I love me some costumes. I made my first elaborate one in the 7th grade: a can of Campbell's soup. Now I have a closet stuffed with them and two more people to make them for!
17. I am a night owl. This makes my chosen careers of teaching and parenting a bit of a bitch.
18. I have worked in broadcasting, advertising, and teaching. It took me a while to find a good fit employment-wise.
19. My first car was a loaded 1984 Chrysler Le Baron. I loved that car and cried when they towed it away after I totalled it.
20. My dad says there are two things everyone should do once: have a pool and drive a convertible. He was right about the pool, but not the convertible. I had to sell mine when Z was born, but look forward to buying another one when the kids are grown.
21. My biggest fear is that I will get early-onset Alzheimer's Disease like my mother.
22. My dogs' names are Griffin, Isabella (Izzy) and Blackie. Guess which one I didn't name?
23. I hate my birthstone, yellow topaz. It is the color of urine. Do all of those cool colored topazes count as a November birthstone?
24. I bought a house on my own when I was 31. My father and I did a studs out remodel of the kitchen. It was SO awesome.
25. I bought a coffee pot so I could ask a guy back to my house after a date. I didn't drink coffee at the time. I do now. I was thinking yesterday that "Mama Needs Coffee" would be a good name for a blog.
26. My hair went from stick straight and blond to downright curly and brownish after I had babies. Having pursued curly hair my whole life, I am now completely clueless about how to deal with it.
27. I follow 40 blogs, with more added almost daily. I hate it that I get so behind when I travel - which is ALL the time!
28. If money were no object, I would be an interior decorator. Though now that I think about it, any money at all would be more than I am making now, so maybe is should go for it!
29. I have a low level fear of doctors. But not needles. Huh.
30. It took me six months to figure out that I had post partum depression after Z was born. Those six months were hard on everyone.
31. I have three+ degrees: BS in Radio-TV-Film; MA in Broadcast Journalism; a teaching certificate (that is the plus part); and a MEd in elementary education. School is what I am best at.
32. I LOVE to read. But I mostly read fluff. I have enough serious in my real life, I look to books for an escape.
33. I taught in a huge urban school district for 5 years. I was one of only 11 white people in the whole building. It was a whole new world every day.
34. Being a mom is harder than I thought it would be. I spend a lot of time feeling like I am not doing a good enough job.
35. Though my friends don't believe it, I am pretty shy. I am the life of the party in a group of people I know, but if I don't know anyone, I am a total wallflower. So Frat parties in college? Nightmare.
36. I was in a sorority. Alpha Phi. If I had college to do over again, I would be more active in it and live in the house.
37. There are beach people and mountain people. I am a beach person. T is not.
38. We went to Kauai on our honeymoon. I might sell an organ to go back.
39. I am hoping to get pregnant again in the spring. T is not entirely on board yet. Z has requested a girl.
40. If I could afford it, I would pay someone to clean my house.
41. My favorite food is Korean barbecue, Bulgogi. Our housekeeper in Korea gave us the recipe.
42. The only recipe I know by heart is Cranberry Salad, a family holiday staple.
43. My favorite blogger is Jen Lancaster. I want to move to Chicago, stalk her, and become her new BFF.
44. My husband totally doesn't get the whole blogging thing, which I find frustrating.
45. I have been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans five times. I got lots of beads. Don't ask.
46. I made a recipe called Christmas Crack today. I changed the name to Christmas Crunch because I don't want to feed crack to my kids. But the original name is appropriate. So. Good. 4 boxes cereal (I used CoCo Puffs, Kix, Wheat and Rice Chex), 1 bag of pretzels, 1 bag of M&M's, 2 packages of almond bark. To. Die. For.
47. Happiness is a warm puppy? So true.
48. I am a better mother of infants than I am of pre-schoolers. Once they can talk back, my skill levels drop. I am hoping that I will get better as the kids get older. I did teach elementary school, after all.
49. I am not afraid of spiders, but cockroaches make me scream and dance around flapping my hands.
50. I am a chocolate purist. Which is to say that I only really like it in candy form. Cake, ice cream, or cookies? I would rather have vanilla. Not that I wouldn't eat the chocolate cake/ice cream/cookies, I would just pick something else if I had the choice.
51. I enjoy music, but I am not a "music person." I own maybe 12 CDs and do not own a MP3 player. I did not get a CD player until 2002.
52. My favorite kind of music is alternative/new rock. Small Town radio sucks, so I am not up to date on any songs.
53. I am a passable singer.
54. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
55. I would rather be too hot than too cold. Good thing I live in Texas!

And two to spare:
56. I am a huge fan of animal print. I have a chaise lounge in my living room that is leopard print. So cute! I have zebra print seat covers and also carseat covers. I would have preferred leopard print, but they wouldn't match the inside of my car.
57. I am a mediocre speller (thank goodness for Spell Check!) and a grammar Nazi. I don't mind breaking the rules for style purposes, but if it is just sloppy writing, it is like nails on a chalkboard to me.


  1. Love your list!!! One day I may do one!!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my bloggy blog. I hope you come back soon.

    You & I seem to have a lot in common (according to your list, anyway). My favorite color is purple, too (didn't you see it splashed all over my blog? LOL).

    You are very funny. I'll be back (hear line spoken with Austrian accent).


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