Winkflash;) Must Die

I was so proud of myself. I created the entire graphic for our Christmas card this year and placed the order on December 1. Winkflash ;) had the best price out there, and I have to say that the quality of the card I received was great. But this is what came in the mail today:

Seriously? Like I approved this design and paid almost a buck per card for it? Really? There were a bunch of glitches on the site when I was designing the card, but I put it down to quirkiness on the part of my machine. Silly me.

As soon as I opened the (beat to crap) package, I flew to my computer to send a carefully worded e-mail that essentially said, "WTF?!?" in the politest possible terms. Customer service opens tomorrow at 9:00 a.m., and I am fully prepared to throw a white trash scene to get my card put to rights, but I thought I would at least start with an opening volley of civility.

But mostly? I'm so mad I want to spit and/or use words that would make your ears bleed and your hair ignite. Or possibly cry a little. I am only managing to refrain because my dad (Hi, Daddy!) reads my blog.

I am sure it will be all right in the end. I hope. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Very cute :) I found you on the mom's blogging club and figured I'd leave a little comment :)

  2. Hello! yep a brand new baby blog :)
    Thanks and yep I made it. I had to look everywhere to figure out how to add it though.
    I love your blog, it looks wonderful :)


  3. Wait... I'm missing something - what was it supposed to look like?

  4. The purple Christmas tree image was supposed to fill up the entire card in a vertical card. Blah!

  5. So...what's the scoop? Did you rant? Did they bow down before you like the Goddess that you are and fix the problem? Did they personally hand-deliver them to your doorstep? Was your artistic vision ultimately realized to it's full potential? Or do I have to wait until mine arrives in the mail?

  6. Turns out, a rant was unnecessary. They have a satisfaction guaranteed policy. I just had to return the cards. Unfortunately, there has been some kind of computer glitch and they were unable to print the correct card after three tries. I have to upload it again. Arg!


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