I Did It!

Finally, finally, finally I got our house on the market. With a sign in the yard and everything. I love our realtor (she sold this house to us) and trust her opinions. She suggested that we price it $10K less that we had initially planned. Oh noes!

I told her to do it because she said that at that price point we would get a lot more interest, but I knew that T would freak. And sure enough, he did. Well, not over the top freaking out, but he was all indignant about it. "If I had known we were going to price it at that, I wouldn't have put all this money into the house!"

In my opinion, we were either going to pay for the repairs before (as we did) or pay for it after with a lower final selling price and longer time on the market. Doing it beforehand just makes our house that much more salable. T griped about how we weren't going to make any money on the house because we had put so much into it. But most of the stuff we did was maintenance, not improvements. You shouldn't expect to get that money back.

I think T has a skewed idea about how real estate works. His dad has the (accidental) golden touch when it comes to real estate. Every property he has ever purchased has skyrocketed in value, so I guess that is what T thought would happen here. I had a little more realistic expectations.

On the up side, I think maybe the huz has seen the light on keeping up with regular maintenance, so maybe next time we won't be slammed with a bunch of last minute repairs. Or at least I can hope!

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  1. Congrats on getting the house on the market. Good luck on getting it sold fast.


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