It Has Begun

Tonight at bath time, with no prompting from me, Q requested to sit on the potty. Wow! I guess potty training has begun. He sat on it for a while (with no action) then the siren song of the tub called him away. Once he got in the water, he immediately said he had to sit on the potty again. So I plopped his wet and shivering little self back on the pot. He sat there for a while tugging on his junk (and not peeing) then asked to get back in the tub. Where he immediately peed. Sigh. I guess it is good that he knew he had to go, even if the mission was not successful.

I am a little terrified of potty training a boy. I come from a family of girls, and even then we liked to pretend that under our clothes we were all built like Barbies - you know, no private parts. T and I even keep the door closed in the bathroom, so I have never actually seen a male do his thing. I mean, I know the mechanics of it, but I have never witnessed it.

Do you train boys standing up? That just seems like asking for trouble. Many grown men of my acquaintance have bad aim. How can you expect someone with no fine motor skills to hit the target? If you train them sitting down, what do you do with their, erm, stuff? Do you just poke it down and hope for the best? If I let Q handle it, I think he might try to poke his parts back up inside of him (or pull the whole package over his head, whatever) rather than taking aim.

I was really hoping to delay this potty training thing until he was a little more verbal. I have read several articles in praise of potty training three-year-olds. It seems that they train more quickly and are more cooperative. I am afraid that if we start this now we will be training until he is three anyway. I'd rather just change some more diapers than have to fight with pull-ups or dirty accident pants (shudder).

Any advice from you moms of boys out there?


  1. Not a mommy, so I dont really have much of a clue on the personal level. However, I did work 2 years in the baby department at Toys R Us (I bet someone thought I was gonna say I slept at a Holiday Inn, eh?). They used to sell these little tinkle targets that you float in the toilet for the little boys to aim at. I wouldnt want to use them because it means fishing them out afterwards so they dont get flushed. Many of the mommies didnt like them either because of that, but they DID suggest using a few Cheerios (something that CAN be flushed) for boys to aim at.

  2. I am the mom of a boy as you know and we tought Joe sitting down. He still does at home sometimes but in public he stands up especially if there is a urinal. I think this is a good strategy because it will give him some time to develop those fine motor skills. Most little boys hold it and aim it down in the potty. I think waiting until they are completely ready is key too. Several moms I know who pushed a little early had MAJOR setbacks and a lot of messes. Transition to pull ups and then when you feel he is ready (can hold it and has major interest)switch cold turkey to underwear and be prepared for lots of laundry and staying close to home. They say boys are harder to train than girls. I think they just do it later and people try too soon.

  3. I suggest the Cheerios as well, but not until he can stand up high enough to aim. LOL Until then, let him just sit down and do his bizness.

    Suggestion about Pull-Ups: DO NOT USE THE HUGGIES BRAND! You will end up with a mess on the floor in the middle of Wal-Mart. Use the Pampers ones. Much more absorbent and well fitting.

    By the way, we got The Diva her potty chair in September of 2007 (she was 2 1/2). She just got fully potty trained TWO WEEKS ago today. So just be prepared for a possible long haul. Boys are apparently more difficult than girls. Or so I have been told.

  4. E started getting into the potty around 18 months and I used one of those potty seat rings that go on the toilet. I then taught him how to hold himself (aim) down. I would say good job no matter what. He lost interest in that after a few months and around 2 I pushed a little (at least with #2). For some reason that came MUCH easier than #1. Honestly, it took until he could stand up for him to do it constantly. That and the Thomas Train bribe I gave him if he could spend an entire day in undies without peeing. He also really thinks it's cool that he and Daddy can "go" at the same time (gross, but hey, whatever works...). It's funny you are scared of boys. I am dreading PTing F because I have to deal with the whole wiping issue!!


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