My Heart? It Is Breaking

So I'm settled into Z's rocking chair, having finished the requisite three books and snuggling with my little ball of energy. She is telling me about her day at school and how she and her little friends were playing family. Then her mood turned melancholy. She looked at me with tears threatening and said with a sigh, "When is Daddy coming home? I used to have three families: you, Daddy, and Q. Now I just have two families: you and Q."

Ack! Stabbed in the heart. My sweet girl is mourning for her daddy. (Me, too, actually.)

Listen up, you gods of real estate! You make my house sell quickly so my baby can be with her father. Or else!


  1. Oh! That makes me a little teary... the things they say encompass the truth in such simple terms.

    Sell, House, SELL!!!!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. When we moved to god forsaken Michigan we did 8 looong months apart, it totally rots! I will WILL your house to sell!!

    I'm willing it RIGHT now!!

  3. Oh, I know how you feel! Hugs to you and Z (and Q).

    Might I make a suggestion? Watch "Get It Sold" or "Designing To Sell" on HGTV (if you haven't already) and see if there are some tips you can use to stage your house and help get it sold ASAP.

    Good luck, my friend. I am sending prayers that you get your house sold so that the family can be together again sooner rather than later.


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