Ode to Chica

How awesome is this? My BFF, Chica, drove to Small Town all the way from Ginormousville - with a baby! - to help me clean my filthy house. She even brought mojitos!

She is so amazing. She thought of stuff to clean that never would have crossed my mind. Care to peek inside the built-ins, anyone? Wow! She stayed motivated long after I would have retired to the couch for visiting and adult beverages. Instead, it was visiting, adult beverages, and baseboard scrubbing!

Then, despite the fact that Chicklette kept her up all night, the next day she donned a bikini (!) and - wait for it - CLEANED MY POOL! What kind of true devotion is that? Love! I won't even hold it against her that she looks like a freaking super model (literally!) in her red string bikini. She talked me into putting on my bikini top, but I just couldn't bring myself to expose my jiggly fish-belly-white stomach to the unforgiving sunshine, so I wore my shorty overalls over it. I've got a pretty healthy self-esteem, but come on!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Chica. Deciding to be your friend was one of the best decisions I ever made.


  1. What a wonderful friend!

  2. Aren't friends wonderful!!! Best of luck getting your house clean!!!

  3. Now that's a friend....and she even brought mojitos?? I wish she were my friend:) Good Luck with the moving...I know moving is a drag!!!


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