Redneck Road Trip

We invited some of our favorite people over for pizza and cards tonight, only to discover that I had packed up the cards and moved them to New Town. Luckily, our friends just live right down the road, so we decided to leave the men with the kids and go get their Canasta deck (and a few beers).

On the way out to her truck, I looked down and noticed that I was wearing my fuzzy house shoes. Look out! My white trash is showing!

She told me not to feel bad. Her truck had a Wolfe-brand-chili-can-dip-cup* in the cup holder, so I should feel right at home.

At least I was in good company!

*For those of you who aren't familiar with our redneck/white trash ways, a dip cup is where you spit the tobacco juice from using snuff.


  1. Ok, now that was funny! Only time I left my house in fuzzy slippers I was being rushed to the emergency room.

  2. Hey! I'm baaaack! And, thanks for the good wishes before I left. Sadly, there was no extra seat on our row or in the entire plane and we had a very cramped experience on the way down. We made it there and back, though and it is lovely to be home. So come on by and visit:)

  3. Redneck Road Trip! I LOVE it!

    I'm part Redneck and part...well, some other stuff. LOL

    I have gone out in my slippers many times, only it has to be to somewhere that I am not getting out of the car, like a drive-thru !

  4. I LOVE canasta! Haven't played in years, and can't get anyone around here to play :(

  5. Those truly are the best kind of friends. Hope all is going well with your move!

  6. I absolutely LOVE that you explained what a dip can was!!! Ohhhh, that is just tooooo funny!!! I am also a small town Texas Momma...Came to you from Jamie's Blog....anyone who Jamie loves has got be great!!

    I am loving the stories!!!


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