49 Years

My parents have been married for 49 years today. Whoa. That is some accomplishment! Unfortunately, the anniversary is bittersweet. Though she has good days and bad days, Alzheimer's has robbed us of my mother. She is past the point of being able to recognize anyone. And adding insult to injury, her particular flavor of Alzheimer's made her forget Daddy first. He said that she seemed to enjoy the attention she got on their anniversary, but had no idea what it was about.



  1. That is a great accomplishment. I'm so sorry that she is suffering with that horrible disease.


  2. Your parents are blessed to be celebrating 49 years! It must be so hard for you to watch your mom drift from you guys. My prayers are with your family. May you have many more anniversaries with your parents.

  3. So wonderful they've made it that far. In this day and age, that's one heck of an accomplishment. My folks will make it to their 41st this year.

    Sorry she's having to deal with that horrid disease though. It's hard and frightening on them and just as hard on their loved ones to have to watch it happen. Got it on both sides of my family... really sucks.

  4. Well Happy Anniversary to your parents! What a wonderful example of marriage. I hope both your mother and father got to enjoy their day, at least a little.

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