We have another showing tomorrow from 1:00 to 4:00. Right in the middle of nap time (again). What is up with that? Z is delighted because we will be filling the time by inviting ourselves over playing at KK's house.

This will make showing number six. I am guardedly excited about this one. These are the same folks who came to look at it on Saturday, so we clearly made their short list. How awesome would it be if I managed to get the house sold before the kids and I head west to join T?

I will be praying to every god who will listen!


  1. House showings always come at the worst possible times don't they? I remember when we were trying to sell our first and our realtor called us and asked if he could bring some people by within the hour. We had just sat down for dinner. We felt we couldn't say no though. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :o)

  2. It took 46 showings before we received even one offer. Then we received 2 in a row. Hang in there!


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